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Belle Femme

Gentle Soothe Night Serum

Gentle Soothe Night Serum

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The solution to hormonal and combination skin!

Calmed skin prevents skin inflammation, breakout and scars. Cica has amazing healing benefits and is best known to help acne-prone and irritated skin.

Succinic acid gets to the root of your problems by ridding your deeper levels of germs and bacteria, preventing formation of stubborn comedones and pimples. Unlike salicylic acid, succinic acid is more anti microbial rather than exfoliating, therefore suitable for all troubled skin types.

In order to achieve the best results, this solution is formulated together with Polyglutamic acid, which has the impressive ability to absorb 5 times more moisture than Hyaluronic acid, forming a great bind on the surface. This is especially great for those with combination skin.

With its powerful healing and soothing properties, Gentle Soothe Serum helps prevent flare ups, maintains good skin health and keeps stubborn pimples at bay.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. However, pls discontinue use if rashes occur, consult a doctor if needed. 

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Paraben-free | Fragrance-free


Directions for use:
Apply 3-4 drops on face and neck after cleansing and toning, as your last serum, 5mins before moisturiser or sleeping mask. Can also be used as a spot treatment to be dabbed onto acne or pimples, and oily zones. 

Best used in evenings to treat, repair and soothe skin overnight. Recommended to use with Belle Femme Clarifying (BHA) Cleanser for better and faster results.

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