Belle Femme and Me

To my dearest lovelies,

Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank you for your visit to my store!

As the founder of Belle Femme, I am more than happy to share skincare which benefits us in so many ways. Every single product in this page is specially formulated, tested, and loved - with skin health as the ultimate priority. 

My background:

Many years ago, I became a mum and decided to venture into entrepreneurship. I dedicated my soul to both my daughter and my business, with minimal time for myself. My mind was occupied every minute of the day, and being that over-active, I soon realised my hormones had gotten messed up. I started missing my periods, my usually-high-metabolism disappeared, I started gaining weight uncontrollably, battling unusual fatigue every single day, as well as a full-blown skin breakout. These depressed me, and made me lose the confidence I had grown up with. I was suspected to have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and since then, my life had a tremendous change. I felt different - I could not control any part of my body conditions at all.

I started delving into all kinds, all brands of skincare, mildest to strongest. I also invested in facial treatments, spending a fortune, only to have my skin burnt with a 2nd-degree, because my skin had become so worn out from the overloading of products. Determined to improve my skin and gain back my confidence, my passion evolved into exploring, researching, and formulating skincare which is all-rounded - to treat, soothe, protect and prevent from damage. Most importantly, it had to be a gentle concoction as my skin has gotten so sensitive.

After years of extensive research, trials and errors, Belle Femme was created - a range of skincare dedicated to the increasing population who deal with hormonal (exceptionally tricky) skin, extending to troubled skin and sensitive skin. Belle Femme skincare provides tender loving care for better skin health. I truly believe that luxury is having healthy skin, and caring for it minimally.

Let us all achieve a luxurious glow, from within. 


Yours Truly,